Videography Operations is a video production business that is founded on humility. A humility that serves the rhythm of reality. Through digital manipulation, we are in an age of infinite video possibilities. VIDOPS remains focused on what has been, is and always will be universally engaging. The energy of real life, real stories and real moments.

Synchronising with the flow of the situation and prioritising the capture, rather than post-production, allows for genuine moments to be recorded. An example of a genuine and synchronised capture is this excerpt (below) from a successful crowdfunding campaignvideo for a Charles Darwin University research team.

The VIDOPS professional video and audio kit is a combination of portability, reliability and versatility, while still achieving a genuine and high quality capture of as many situations as possible. This includes aerial capability with a professional drone and CASA commercial drone certification (UOC 0699). Below is a sample of VIDOPS aerial video.

VIDOPS has worldwide insurance cover.